Why Garage Doors Fail So Often

There will be a point where your garage door fails, but many people usually don’t know what the cause of the problem is. It is important to call a professional who will be able to do the fixing. You should never try fixing it yourself if you don’t have experience. Doing it means you are exposing yourself to a lot of risk because you can easily get hurt, and you can easily end up making the situation worse, forcing you to spend a lot of money in the long run. Below are some of the common causes of garage door failures that were sent to us by The Garage Door Specialist in St. Petersburg.

Garage doors installation.Workers installing lifting system

Dead Transmitter Batteries

This can sound like an obvious thing, but your garage door will not work because they need power to do so. If the transmitter batteries are dead, the transmitter will not be able to send the signal to the garage door, and this means it won’t open or close.

Changing the transmitter battery is not complicated. Just slide the door open on the back of the transmitter then remove the battery.

Track not Aligned Properly

If the garage door track is not properly aligned, it can be a serious issue. In order for the garage door to move, it needs the metal track to run on. If there are gaps between the rail and rollers or bends in the rail, then there could be a problem with the track. The garage door is heavy, and this is going to compound the issue and make the situation worse. It can be very dangerous to operate the door. It is a good idea to call a professional to help in fixing the problem because it can be dangerous to try and fix it on your own. If the track is beyond repair, the pro is going to install a new one.

Broken springs

If you notice that the transmitters are properly working and there is power reaching the motor but the garage door is not going up, then it could be that the torsion springs are broken. If you are around when the breaking is happening, then you will hear a loud bang that sounds like a firecracker coming from the garage. This can happen because the garage door can be heavy, and these springs are the ones that do the heavy lifting, and not the garage door opener.

There are some garage doors that come with one while there are those that come with two torsion springs. If either of them is broken, you will notice the garage door struggling to open or even fail to open at all. Call a professional to fix this problem, don’t try fixing it on your own.

Cables Snapping or Popping Off

The cables can sometimes get disengaged. The cable tends to snap when the torsion spring breaks. The cable can sometimes cause damage to the wall or car, and if there is someone close when it snaps, it can easily cause serious harm. Call a professional garage door repair service when you cables snap.

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