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Mission Statement:

The purpose of the vermilion Arts Council shall be to coordinate, promote, support, encourage and advance charitable, cultural, educational, leisure time, creative and other non-profit activities.

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Current Exhibit:

The Vermilion Arts Council  along with the
Abbeville Cultural & Historical Alliance Center

Proudly presents:

Wish you were here.  A Summer Postcard
By:  Charlotte Gallet Broussard, Artist

Step outside and you know beyond everything: Summer is here!  Step inside the Alliance Center Museum and Art Gallery you will both beat the heat and enjoy a day at the beach as you view the artistry of Charlotte Gallet Broussard.

Summer dreaming always includes a visit to the beach, building sand castles, splashing in the water , leaving foot prints in the sand and sitting in a beach chair under a brightly colored umbrella, maybe a favorite cocktail or smoothie in one hand and a good book in the other.

You may visit some beach resort where you purchase post cards to send home to family and friends.  At the Alliance Center you can experience all of this “summer dreaming” as you walk through Charlotte Gallet Broussard’s exhibit: “Wish you were here”


Charlotte grew up in south Louisiana in a hard working, bilingual, French and English speaking community.  This is where she learned to be self sufficient and gained creative skills through problem solving.  She was a self taught artist before deciding to attend the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.  Charlotte has had numerous group and juried exhibitions, including some solo exhibits.  Charlotte is currently residing in Kaplan , Louisiana, and working from her studio Artist Statement:


Family typically holds a place of stability, comfort, and priority.  Some families can suffer an intense period of multiple losses concentrated over a short span of time.  As a consequence, I have become interested in the study of human behavior and psychology, specifically positive psychology.  What is the possibility of moving from a place of intense darkness and loss to a place of light and happiness?  Is the human spirit strong and resilient enough to survive such atrocities, felt in the depths of heart and soul?  Can we prevail?  What is happiness?  Are we happy now?  Filled with double entendre and images symbolic of happiness, my work attempts to explore these questions.


About the Exhibit:

                Many people travel on vacation in search of a new, happier alternate reality, however brief.  We go on vacation to escape the perceived difficulties, work, drudgery, tragedies, losses, problems, or miseries in our lives.  Hoping to make ourselves happier in some sort of utopian reality.  Vacations heal and renew and refresh us to return to our regular lives.  Does it work?  Can we succeed?  Does it last?  Where is this place called happiness?  This exhibit addresses one of the most popular vacation destinations symbolic of happiness with images of the beach.  Are we there yet?


Curator Notes:

                Charlotte is proficient in many mediums and often creates works in mixed media.  In this exhibit Charlotte concentrates on watercolor.  She explores the warmth of sunlight and the play of shadows in the sand.  She creates an atmosphere for us to experience the joy of visiting a favorite vacation spot.

                In this exhibit there are watercolor originals that are about “postcard” size. There are also larger works that almost give a panoramic view of a visit to the beach.  From scenes that explore the waterfront, the near and distant horizons to the views looking back to the hotels and views from condominium balconies.

                This exhibit also includes snapshots of families experiencing happy times at a resort.  There are sunbathers, and inviting umbrellas with people reading or just relaxing, soaking up the scenery.  Included are also the “footprints” in the sand with the mystery of where did they come from, where are they going, and who was on this life sojourn , the respite from reality.